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Centralise your complete vehicle stock, launch your online dealer showroom, generate more leads, maximize online visibility, increase sales and never lose track of any sales and after-sales follow-up task.
Automate and provide excellent service with HyperDealer. 

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Take a glimpse of HyperDealer

Drive your dealership to new heights, with digitalization and efficiency

Online Dealership

Improve your online visibility 24/7
and boost your sales, with an SEO optimised and high-performing dealer website 
presenting your complete vehicle stock. 

Vehicle Stock
Reservation management

Respond quickly to your leads by managing; initiating, confirming or cancelling vehicles reservations in your central stock system. 

Web-based Intranet

Work together with any department, fast, reliable and all through a single channel, your HyperPortal, to ensure optimum productivity.

Process-driven CRM
& lead follow-up

Manage all generated leads from all your sales channels in a single environment. Start selling more with efficient lead management; e-mail automation and process-driven tasks. 

Car inventory Posting

Save loads of time and minimize the risk of error. No longer do you have to enter the same car information multiple times through multiple systems, websites or services. 

Flexible integrations

Communicate easily with current and upcoming software applications and
start making every business process transparant. 

Online Dealership Showroom

Boost online sales by presenting your stock, new or used cars, on your dealership website. 

A secure, customer-centric, SEO optimised and fast-loading dealer website tailored to your car company.

Car buyers can easily filter down to their favorite cars available in your online dealer showroom. 

Start generating more leads with high converting call to actions and attractive website forms. Let prospects book a test drive, car maintenance, request a valuation for trade-ins.  

Powerful Dealer Intranet

Create transparency, convenience and efficiency across all internal dealer management systems. 

HyperDealer allows anyone in your organisation to complete their assigned tasks with ease and automation. Depending on the role of the user, they'll have their own central workplace communicating with every other department, available anywhere, anytime.

  • Search easily in your centralised new, used and demo car inventory

  • Internal stock reservation system

  • Process-driven Sales and After-Sales task follow-up

  • Manage all steps for Vehicle sales administration and
    centralise legal documents.

  • Easy-to-integrate with HyperAPI

CRM & Process-driven Lead follow-up

Follow-up prospects and customers at the right moment
in a GDPR-proof way. 

Easily confirm stock reservations, finish tasks and pass from one department to another,
anywhere anytime thanks to our process-oriented HyperDealer engine. 

Centralise leads and follow-up easily

Assign all collected leads to your sales team according to the defined sales, administration and after-sales processes without skipping a single step. 

Easy-to-use e-mailbuilder

Communicate to the right person at the right time with automated e-mail messages to connect with and delight your audience.

Automatic document generation
& digital signing

Automatically generate a work order, a sales contract, an invoice, or any document you might need, with any device and have it digitally signed. 

Comply with GDPR Portal

Complete transparency for your customers and their personal information, let your customers easily decide how they want their information used.

"Automatic communication and distribution of our entire stock allows us to follow-up our leads quickly and efficiently and make stock reservations in no time. 
A central workplace stimulates our entire workflow! "
Olivier Pierre

Automotive Online Marketing
at a higher level

Communicate, maximize brand awareness and grow your car company even faster. 

Your complete vehicle stock is presented in your online dealership.
With a powerfull Dealer Intranet, HyperPortal, your dealership will work
more efficiently while handling increasing complexity. 

But how to compete with other brands and automative dealers? 

Together with digital marketing experts and partners, we are happy to guide your dealership to a higher level. 

Some Happy customer quotes

We are all fantastic
"Quickly add new inventory to all of our sales channels simultaneously saving countless hours of manual work with HyperdealerHyperdealer HyperdealerHyperdealerHyperdealer."
Joëlle Pierre
Fleet manager
"Quickly add new inventory to all of our sales channels simultaneously saving countless hours of manual work with HyperdealerHyperdealer HyperdealerHyperdealerHyperdealer."
Charlie De Boomhut
Digital Marketeer
"Quickly add new inventory to all of our sales channels simultaneously saving countless hours of manual work with HyperdealerHyperdealer HyperdealerHyperdealerHyperdealer."
Charlie De Boomhut
Digital Marketeer

Integrate with your Dealer tools

Get work done automatically, faster and more efficient

HyperDealer is highly flexible in communicating with your current and upcoming software applications.
Centralise your data and integrate easily with our digital software connector HyperAPI. 

Don't miss any opportunity to sell and present your vehicle stock online with automatic feeds and different integrations. 

Automatic feeds
Digital Marketing software
Stock management Software  
Dealer Management Software
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